Many of you know that we restore residential and commercial natural stone. This week, we’ll focus on our commercial restoration and maintenance since we have the BOMA 2016 Show coming up this week.


How is stone care different for commercial buildings?

First off, compared to a residential setting, there is a ton more foot traffic! Also, if you take the time to observe how people walk through lobbies, you will start to notice that people tend to walk in the same paths: they walk close to corners, stop at the security desk, and they shuffle their feet in front of elevator call buttons.


These “traffic areas” typically have more wear and need the most stone maintenance…and yes, even though you may have a tough granite surface, even granite can wear over time.

5 Houston Center 3rd floor
Maintained Lobby Floor


Exterior Stone Plazas, Walls and Breezeways

Not only traffic, but weather can take a toll on the surface of natural stone. Dirt can accumulate and embed in textured stones such as flamed granite. Also, color and shine can diminish due to the elements. International Stoneworks can help restore exterior stone floors and walls. We scrub clean textured stones and can remove many gum stains. We can also re-hone or re-polish as needed. We also recommend a good annual sealing to protect the stone and grout surface.

Maintained Exterior Limestone Sign



No way to get around it, fountains just need TLC. The constant exposure to water can wear stone and white calcium deposits can form on the surface of stone and tile. These stone fountains need to be maintained regularly, so the deposits do not build up. International Stoneworks can regularly clean these water deposits off and protect the stone and grout with our penetrating sealers.

Tony's before after1 words
Before and After Granite Fountain Restoration


Bathroom Floors

Whether it’s dirty grout, mop marks on the base or just an overall dirty appearance, International Stoneworks can scrub clean tile and grout. We also offer the Tile Glow® System, a natural, non-wax compound for the polishing and restoration of ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile floors. Bathroom floors will have a natural shine and never have to be stripped again – pretty cool right?

Ceramic b4after copy
Tile Glow® System


If you need advice or have questions, come visit us at the BOMA Expo this Thursday, May 19 in Booth 815.