Rodeo Houston just rolled out of town, but we’re keeping the country alive in this week’s blog! Here are some special stone care tips for my cowboys and cowgirls out there to help you get over your Rodeo withdrawals:



BBQ Sauce and Lemonade

Brisket, sausage and ribs just taste better with that Texas BBQ sauce; and who doesn’t want a side of that awesome Rodeo fresh squeezed lemonade? (Lemonade, lemonade and more lemonade!)


Just be sure that when you bring this delicious lunch home that you protect your marble, limestone, and other stone countertops. BBQ sauce can contain tomato and lemonade contains acidic ingredients as well. Acids can etch (chemical burn) the surface of your stone. Etch marks look like the shine or finish has been removed from the surface of the stone. Use cutting boards and coasters and use a neutral cleaner such as Lavenet to clean up your stone countertops.


If you have spilled some of that finger-licking goodness on your stone surface, give International Stoneworks a call and we can refinish that stone surface to make it look good as new.


Boots on Marble Floors

When we’re out and about stomping around in our boots, we walk on all kinds of surfaces: gritty dirt floors, hay, concrete paved streets. Some of these dirt particles will stick to the bottom of our beloved boots.  I recommend sliding those heavy-duty boots off prior to walking on your marble, travertine and limestone floors. The grit from the bottom of our shoes can dull the finish on the stone floor. If you do start to see wear patterns, International Stoneworks can re-polish the stone floor and remove the traffic patterns.



Frying Oil (for those fried Oreos, funnel cake and corn dogs)

If you miss that delicious carnival food and you are frying up some goodies at home, make sure that you have sealed your marble and granite countertops and backsplashes. Sealing with a penetrating sealer such as Seal & Go® S helps prevent oil and grease stains.


Of course after your cooking and frying session, give your countertops a good clean with Lavenet neutral stone cleaner because it is also a good degreaser.


We hope we’ve given you some useful stone care tips and helped cure you of your Rodeo blues. Don’t be too gloomy; we always have great Texas BBQ and there’s always Rodeo Houston next year.