You may have seen our International Stoneworks, Inc. (ISI) Diamond Impregnated Pads before on our website or from our stone maintenance projects, but now we have a whole new generation of even better, more effective Pads.

ISI Diamond Impregnated Pads can maintain stones such as marble, travertine, limestone and terrazzo to a gloss finish when the stone floor starts to show signs of foot traffic.

You may not know this but dust and dirt particles dragged along underfoot can, in time, be equivalent in roughness to nearly a 100 to 200 grit. Naturally, foot traffic will eventually wear down the floor and cause it to lose its luster. Regular floor maintenance is critical in keeping the floor looking its best. Want to see them in action? Click here: ISI Diamond Impregnated Pad video


When the floor starts to show signs of traffic and loss of shine, ISI Diamond Impregnated Pads can maintain stone to a polish finish. Whether the customer wants to maintain a consistent patina finish or a high gloss, both looks can be achieved with the ISI Diamond Impregnated Pads.

Please keep in mind that these pads are not designed to be used for a full restoration of very worn or damaged surfaces. In these cases a restoration with diamond discs may be necessary.


These Pads are versatile. They can be used on hand machines to restore non-floor stone surfaces or hard to reach spaces. They are also considered to be a “Green” stone maintenance system because you can run them dry or wet (you only need water). They can be used both with a slow speed buffer as well as a high speed burnisher. They can be used with automatic scrubbers as well. The ISI Diamond Impregnated Pads are therefore very efficient and economical when maintaining large floors such as terrazzo floors in schools, hospitals and airports.


They are available in various grits (400, 800, 1,500, 3,000, 12,000 and 20,000) and in different pad sizes (7 ¾” to 20”) to fit many floor machines, high speed burnishes, auto scrubbers and hand tools.


Contrary to some other diamond pads, the ISI Diamond Impregnated Pads are not stiff so they can even polish floors that are not completely flat.

We of course did our research on the new generation of ISI Diamond Impregnated Pads and here are our results, which we measured by Gloss Meter:

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 Please call International Stoneworks or e-mail us if you need more information on this fast and effective stone maintenance system.