What do stone restoration and going to the dentist have in common? A lot more than you think.

I recently had my check up at the dentist and found out there are some striking similarities between cleaning and polishing natural stone and cleaning and polishing teeth.


Tartar Buildup

Let’s start with tarter buildup. According to my hygienist, tartar buildup is when food and bacteria (which combined with saliva) mineralizes on teeth. Tarter hardens and is not so easy to remove.

This reminded me of calcium build up on natural stone due to sitting water. In areas where natural stone is exposed to water and rain, (such as showers or exterior patios) water can pool and harden into white build up.

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To address these issues you can use Akemi Crystal Clean as a daily cleaner on marble, travertine, or limestone surfaces.

For most granite or slate surfaces you could use something a little stronger, such as MDR (Mineral Deposit Remover).

Overtime, the deposits can build up and you may need a stone restoration company to hone and/or polish the stone to abrade off the buildup.



I asked my hygienist why it was so important to polish my teeth? She said polishing makes the surface smooth and adds a little shine. Polishing also prevents food from gripping onto the tooth.


I totally got what she was saying; we polish stone everyday to remove fine scratches and etch marks. As my hygienist used her small rotary tool with abrasive paste, I couldn’t help but connect my line of work with hers. We use abrasives such as powder compounds and diamonds, which we mix with water to hone and polish natural stone.

Honing and polishing stone gives an overall consistent, smooth and beautiful finish.

5 Houston Center 3rd floor
Polished Marble & Granite Floor



Fluoride varnish is painted on teeth as a coating that comes off when you brush. It protects the tooth. My stone restoration mind immediately equated this process to sealing natural stone. Sealing your stone helps you clean your stone and helps with grease/water repellency. For sealing stone, I recommend Seal & Go® S or Seal & Go® W.


Lastly, but most importantly, Brush you teeth!

Just like you brush your teeth daily, natural stone surfaces require care and maintenance. We recommend neutral cleaners such as Lavenet and re-sealing your stone annually.