We’ve written blogs about natural stone as well as ceramic and porcelain tile, but you may not know that we also restore other surfaces such as brick paver, terra cotta tiles and Saltillo/Mexican tiles.

These types of surfaces are fairly porous and need maintenance just like natural stone. Cleaning with neutral cleaners, like Lavenet on a regular basis and sealing on an annual basis can help preserve these surfaces.


When it comes to sealing brick pavers, Saltillo tiles, and terra cotta tiles, you have several options:


1. You can use penetrating sealers (such as Seal & Go® S or Seal & Go® W) that simply protect the surface.

Both products are great penetrating sealers, meaning they go into the pores of the surface and repel liquids like water, coffee, tea, grease, oil, etc. These sealers will not add color or shine. Penetrating sealers are the best option if you like the natural look of the brick or tile.


2. If your brick or tile is multi-colored, Seal & Go® Enhancer S may be a great option. This penetrating enhancer sealer brings out the various colors of the brick and tile and will give a darker and richer appearance to the floor; however, it will not add shine. It resists water and stains while enhancing the overall appearance.


3. If you would like to add some shine to the brick or tile, I recommend applying Seal Out, a topical sealer that will add a medium shine to the floor.

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If you are in the Houston area and are interested in having your surface refinished/stripped clean, please contact International Stoneworks, Inc. and we would be happy to give you a quote.