I wanted to take this opportunity to say that we are proud to be Houstonians. Houston is a resilient city full of courageous people. I constantly hear locals describe Houston as a melting pot, a city full of many cultures, people and industries. In difficult moments, such as Hurricane Harvey, Houstonians come together and lift one another up: whether it’s driving supplies to the George R. Brown Convention Center with our big Texas trucks, or kayaking neighbors to safety. This is the moment when I have to stop and look around and admire our beautiful city and all the people in the Houston area.


For homes and buildings around the Houston area and suburbs that have endured Hurricane Harvey water damage to stone and tile floors and surfaces, International Stoneworks will offer a special discount to restore and refinish your surfaces. We want to help our fellow Houstonians.


If you do have water damage following the storm, International Stoneworks can professionally clean, resurface, and bring back the natural shine with our no-wax honing and polishing system. We can also attempt to remove light discolorations and stains with the poultice method; however, in certain cases, some stains may be too deep to remove. We will do our best to assist you during this time of rebuilding.