Rupert the Cairn Terrier on Carrara Marble

We love our pets! They really are part of the family and we (or at least I) go above and beyond for them. I have a Cairn Terrier named Rupert and he always brightens up my day – always happy to see me and just loves me unconditionally.

Rupert is only one year old and is prone to having the occasional accident. This week’s blog is about how to care for your natural stone floors when it comes to our pets.

Griffin the Dachshund on Travertine

Oils from furs

I’m sure many of you have observed that when it’s hot outside, our pets love to lie on our cool stone floors. I recommend cleaning the stone floor with Lavenet after their cat (or dog) nap. Lavenet is a neutral stone cleaner as well as a degreaser and will help remove the oils left from the fur. Remember to seal your stone annually with Seal & Go® S or Seal & Go® W, as it will help reduce oils from penetrating into the natural stone surface.


Gastric and uric acid

Let’s face it, our pets are not perfect and they have accidents. Urine and vomit are acidic and will etch (burn) marble, travertine terrazzo and limestone. Etch marks are chemical burns that look like the finish or the shine has been removed from the surface of the stone. If your pet has had an accident, soak up with a disposable towel as soon as possible. Clean with Lavenet neutral cleaner to neutralize the area. The stone will most likely etch as soon as the acid comes in contact with the surface, but try to clean it up as soon as possible. If the etch mark is not large, you can use the Etch Removing Kit to re-polish the area. For larger areas, contact International Stoneworks and we can re-hone or re-polish the stone floor to remove these etch marks.


Light scratches from claws/nails

Over time, you may start to see light scratches from your pets’ claws or nails. When you start to notice these scratches, International Stoneworks can refinish the stone floor. We can remove the fine scratches and give the stone floor a consistent honed or polished finish.


Our beloved pets aren’t going anywhere, so hopefully these tips will help you maintain the stone floors in your home. Our pets are our family and sometimes we have to clean up after them, but we love them nonetheless.