If you have limestone, marble, granite, or brick installed in the exterior areas of your home or building, you may have probably already seen the effects of Mother Nature.

Both homeowners and property managers have to deal with discolorations due to blossoms, leaves, droppings, and dirt. Mildew, mold, and algae also tend to grow in humid environments as well.

On job sites, I typically see mold and mildew under pots and planters, on the sides of buildings, and foot pathways. It’s not an uncommon problem and there is a solution.

Bishop's Palace wall sample

When it comes to these types of stains, you have to do more than just “clean” the surface. You need to actually kill the mold and mildew.

So how can we remove these stains and marks from our exterior patios, walls, walkways, and even gravestones? If you are dealing with natural stone, you have to be careful not to use extremely acidic products; you don’t want to solve the issue of mold, while creating a new problem of harming (or etching) your stone surface.


We recommend stone safe products, like Algae and Mildew Remover to eliminate mold and mildew while not burning the stone surface. Algae and Mildew Remover is a rapidly effective, alkaline cleaner based on active compounds. It is solvent-free product that thoroughly removes natural layers on natural and cast stone surfaces.


Just a quick heads up: when using Algae and Mildew Remover, or a similar product, keep away from surrounding plants and wood. The point of this product is to kill mildew, so keep in mind that it will damage plants and flowers.


Algae and Mildew Remover should be used on an as-needed basis. Remember that regular cleaning and maintenance is always recommended for exterior stone surfaces. A great neutral cleaner for all types of stones or masonry surfaces in Lavenet.


You can’t always fight Mother Nature, but you can control the mold and mildew that grows on your exterior stone floors, walls, and walkways.

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