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Natural Stone Maintenance

Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Granite, Slate, Flagstone, Sandstone, Terrazzo

Stone Floors

  1. We strongly suggest that the natural stone be protected with penetrating water or stain (grease) repellent sealers. These sealers impregnate the stone and group and protect them with no substantial alteration of their appearance. These sealers do not add or remove any shine.

    To repel water and stains, we recommend Seal & Go® S (solvent-based). Should a water-based sealer be required, we recommend Seal & Go® W.

    To protect porous natural stones such as flamed granite, flagstone and slate, while slightly darkening them (non-shiny wet look), we recommend Seal & Go® Enhancer S (solvent-based). This sealing should be done soon after installation and soon after restoration.

    These sealers do not protect marble, travertine, limestone against the three A's - which are Acids, Ammonia and Alcohol.
  2. Use a dirt absorbing mat outside doors leading to marble floors.
  3. Dust mop as often as possible with a soft broom or cotton dust mop. Do not use any oily dust remover.
  4. Damp mop weekly (or as needed) using a cotton mop and Lavenet or Lavenet Green, pH balanced cleaner. Lavenet does not leave a film on the stone, and needs no rinsing when used in the correct concentration.
  5. Dry with a cotton cloth to remove mop marks if any.
  6. To prevent etching of stone floors in bathrooms, especially around toilets, we recommend NABC Non-Acid Bathroom Cleaner.

Non Floor Stone Surfaces

(Showers, Vanities, Bar Tops, Etc.)
  1. Seal the stone with water/stain repellent sealers (see above)
  2. Clean the stone weekly with a soft sponge and Lavenet or Lavenet Green
  3. Once a week, maintain the shine and protection with the Stone Essentials Countertop Polish

Note: Remember the 3 A's which can damage marble - Acids, Ammonia, and Alcohol

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