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Etch Removing Kit for Marble

Marble Etch Removing Kit

The products and supplies in this kit are designed to eliminate etch marks only from most marble, limestone, travertine and other porous natural stones. Etch marks are acid burns created by acids such as lemon, vinegar, citric juices, acid base cleaners, etc. An etch mark removes the shine from polished marble. The products in this kit can also remove water marks. The content of this kit is designed to work on small areas.

Some etch marks may be too old or too deep to be eliminated. Should these etches not come out, International Stoneworks can remove them with our professional grinding and polishing system

Your kit includes:

  1. Non-acid Etch Removing & Polishing Compound (2 x 200 containers)
  2. 1 buffing pad holder
  3. 2 hand buffing pads
  4. Lavenet Green neutral stone cleaner ready to use
  5. Step-by-step method of application
Method of Application:
  • Clean the stone surface with Lavenet Green and a damp sponge
  • Rinse with a damp sponge and water
  • Wet the etched area with water
  • Add enough Etch Removing & Polishing Compound to make a soft paste
  • Rub the paste mixture on the etch mark with the pad holder and one buffing pad
  • Buff the marks for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Clean up the slurry with a damp sponge. Dry with a cotton cloth. Verify that the etch mark is gone. If, not repeat process
  • When the etch mark is gone, clean the stone again with Lavenet Green (see above)
  • When dry, buff the stone with the second buffing pad (dry)

Subsequent Maintenance: Clean once a week with Lavenet or Lavenet Green, Spray polished surfaces once a week with Stone Essentials Countertop Polish, and seal annually with Seal & Go® S or Seal & Go® W.


  • Wear protective gloves
  • Keep products away from children and pets
  • Material Safety Data Sheets are available on all products upon request.

International Stoneworks will not be liable for damage ensuing to property or injury to user or any person due to misuse or misapplication of these products.

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