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Buff & Go® Plus Instructions

Buff & Go® Plus is a crystallizing polishing paste for the maintenance of marble. It is also used as part of the Granite Glow® system to maintain polished granite surfaces. It can be used as part of the Emerald Sparkle® system to maintain dark green marble.

To apply Buff & Go® Plus, you need:

  1. Buff & Go® Plus
  2. Floor buffer (175 to 350 RPM)
  3. Natural hair pads (light)
  4. Special International Stoneworks heavy duty pump sprayer.
  1. Thoroughly strip all waxes/sealers with Zoom from the surface and neutralize.
  2. Shake Buff & Go® Plus well and fill the special pump sprayer with Buff & Go® Plus pump to pressurize.
  3. Spray Buff & Go® Plus on an area about 25 sq. Ft. Buff the stone with the buffer equipped with the natural hair pad until the floor is dry and polished.

Technical Specifications
Active Ingredient: Magnesium Fluosilicate Acid pH 4
For further technical specifications see Material Safety Data Sheet

Usual Maintenance: 1 gallon for 2,000 sq. Ft. per month.

Shake the Buff & Go®Plus thoroughly before use and intermittently during application.
Close the Buff & Go®Plus container tightly to prevent evaporation. Should there be any evaporation the Buff & Go®Plus will thicken. Should this happen, close the container and shake well.

Keep from freezing- Do not let evaporate

Precaution: The use of gloves and protective clothing is recommended when using Buff & Go®Plus

Warning. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, clothes. In case of contact, flush thoroughly with water and call Physician. Do not swallow. Keep out of children and pet's reach.

International Stoneworks, Inc., will not be liable for any damage ensuing to property or injury to operator or any other person due to the misuse or misapplication of Buff & Go®Plus or any other chemical sold by them.

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