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Granite Glow® Instructions

Granite Glow

Granite Glow® is a no-wax compound for the polishing of worn polished granite surfaces. Granite Glow® contains high quality abrasives. Granite Glow® does not replace diamond grinding of the granite surfaces; it is used as a part of a no-wax maintenance polishing system for polished granite surfaces.

To apply the Granite Glow® system, you need:

  1. Granite Glow®, and Buff & Go® Plus
  2. Floor Buffer (IS-17, 200 RPM weighted).
  3. Natural hair pads and steelwool pads grade 00


  1. Cover baseboard, carpet, etc., with protective plastic and/or tape.
  2. Strip the floor (if needed) with Zoom.
  3. Wet granite floor (25 Sq. Ft.). Pour a small amount of the Granite Glow® compound on the floor (about 3 oz. for 10 Sq. ft.).
  4. The Granite Glow® mixture should make a slurry of "yogurt" consistency.
  5. Buff the slurry with a natural hair pad for about 15 minutes per 25 Sq. Ft.
  6. Check level of gloss with a squeegee. When the desired level of gloss is achieved, repeat the procedure in the adjacent area.
  7. Vacuum dry the Granite Glow® slurry. Wet again polished area and buff again with the same pad to loosen up excess residue.
  8. Vacuum dry, damp mop, let dry.
  9. When dry, polish with a dry white pad.
  10. When completely dry, mix a small amount of Granite Glow® (2 oz.) with a few drops of Buff & Go® Plus and buff with the grade 00 steel wool pad until the granite is polished and dry.
  11. Repeat the same procedure on the adjacent areas.


Place two ounces of Granite Glow® on the floor and buff immediately with the natural hair pad until dry and polished. To reduce pad friction, if any, spray a few drops of water during the polishing process.

Technical Specifications:

Active Ingredient: Aluminum oxide

For further technical specifications see Material Safety Data Sheet.


Usual Maintenance: 1 Lb./100 to 150 Sq. Ft.

PRECAUTION: The use of gloves and protective clothing is recommended when using Granite Glow®
WARNING: Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothes. In case of contact, flush thoroughly with water and call physician. Do not swallow. Keep out of children and pet's reach.

International Stoneworks, Inc. will not be liable for any damage ensuing to property or injury to operator or any other person due to misuse or misapplication of Granite Glow® or any other chemicals sold

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